Arrested: 269life Founder Sasha Boojor. Accusation: Fake Blood Spray Painting Over a Vitrine Full of Real Blood Covered Severed Organs

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“Take responsibility – now” – 269life made the opening shot for a campaign demanding the costumers, for a change (not the corporations as usually picked at demos), to take responsibility.

269life funder Sasha Boojor has been arrested (and still is, expected to be released today) for holding a demo and spray painting fake blood over real bleeding severed organs in a showcase at one of the main Israeli supermarkets.

From the picture description: today, November 7th, Thursday, the opening shot of 269life’s campaign “take responsibility – now!” was made.

The campaign aims to reveal the buyers’ full responsibility and complicity in the atrocities taking place at farms, force feeding facilities, hen-“houses”, dairy farms and slaughter-houses. There’s a direct link between the harsh footage in Zogloback case and undercover investigation as seen on TV on Kolbotek investigation show last week, to the buyer’s choice between life and death that’s being made everyday at supermarkets.

Today at rush hours at noon, 15 269life Animal Liberation Activists entered the central Dizengoff Center mall at the heart of Tel-Aviv. Armed with the police Crime Scene video to show, graphic posters from Zogloback slaughter-house very reality and leaflets, the activists raised the attention and awareness of tens of customers blocking the way to the Zogloback slaughter products vitrines and shelves.

The activists held signs and told everyone who displayed interest that trillion living, feeling beings is a stain that cannot be removed nor arrested, and that they, the customers, are holding the ones who hold the knife if they partake in this massacre.

The activists stopped the massacre trade for full 30 minutes through the place’s workers extremely aggressive behavior. Fake blood has been poured on the clean supermarket’s floor and splashed all over the butchers’ vitrine.

Police officers and security guards managed to take the wrongdoers out (the activists, not the costumers nor the products…) out and arrest Sasha Boojor.

The 269life activists wanted to say that they stick (and will stick as long as the animal massacre continue) to their mission which they will never back from – to expose the death industry atrocities wherever and whenever it takes place – from the farms and slaughterhouses to the “innocent” shelves, shopping bags and yes, the “innocent” diners’ plates.

The fight will never cease, but accelerate one step at a time until all humankind will eventually (if people won’t stop partaking in the massacre on their own will and as long as people will have to be told and made to do so) stop the insane enslavement and murder.

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